A Prosperous, Healthy and Informed People of West Nile, Uganda
Mawa Functional Adult Literacy class (with AFARD support)
Jangokoro Ultra-poor families receiving local goats (with Manos Unidas support)
Pachora group harvesting Cassava for gari production (with Gorta support)
Community training on good governance (with European Commission support)
Alionyanya group sale of labour for building Group Loan Fund
Mr and Mrs Yasin role modeling family wealth creation approach (with Gorta funding)
Lokokura Post Test Club sharing time (with Civil Society Fund support)
Olamkule Safe Sanitation and Hygiene practice promotion (with Fr. Alfred support)
A model paravet (Mr. Robert) engaged in livestock farming as a business (with AFRISA support)
Rural market access in Nyapea, Zombo district

Who We Serve

AFARD works in West Nile region, Uganda with poor, rural, and marginalized community groups composed of women, men, youth, fisher forks, and persons living with HIV/AIDS. Majority live in large households with about 7 people where they eat one unbalanced meal a day; lack access to safe water sources; cannot afford to send their children to schools; and hardly participate in local governance issues.

Make a Change

West Nile is the second poorest region in Uganda. Its socio-economic transformation will require collaborative efforts. You too can support AFARD’s effort by financing small projects and community-wide projects. You can also volunteer to fundraise for our work, share your skills with our team, learn new skills and cultures, and make new friends.

Better Life, Forever

Recent Projects

AFARD’s projects are designed to address priority partner needs. Projects are implemented with due attention to professionalism, cost-efficiency, ensuring impacts and sustainability.

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Kitchen gardening training in Kalowang (Vegetable nursery bed making)
FAL candidate demonstrating his newly learned writing ability
HIV/AIDS education through drama shows by women living with HIV/AIDS
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