AFARD is aware that no donor will support any project forever. Thus, our partnership strategy towards benefitting communities anchors on ensuring that sustainability and exit strategies are discussed and agreed upon right at entry/initial planning stages. This “exit-led programming” is pursued through the various strategies as are shown below.


  • Provision of non-GMO seeds/planting materials
  • Promoting farmer-to-farmer extension
  • Promotion of organic pesticides
  • Zonation of outreach for cross-learning & marketing

Microenterprise Development & Institutional development

  • Promotion of group loan schemes built on own saving mechanisms
  • Supporting diversification of partner’s revenue sources

Health and Education

  • Ensuring functional community change agents
  • Setting effective facility management committees with monthly user fees
  • Enforcing community sanitation and education bye-laws
  • Forming Post Test Clubs as community care and support system

AFARD sustainability

  • Establishing AFARD Business Wing
  • Building a reserve fund
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