In order to ensure that our work mainstreams the critical issues related to gender, HIV and AIDS and the environment we undertake the following.

  • Ensuring 45% of AFARD staff are females
  • Reserving 1/3 of executive and committee leadership positions in community organizations to women
  • Undertaking programme gender analysis and strategies
  • Ensuring gender sensitive reporting  & monitoring with disaggregated data
  • Ensuring programme targets the kitchens that are controlled by women
  • Ensuring women take up community change agent/extension placement.


  • Establishing  local change agents (like Community Health Frontline Advisors and Village Volunteers)
  • Promoting Post Test Clubs (PTCs)
  • Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Supporting Voluntary Testing & Counseling
  • Developing strong linkages with government structures


  • Ensuring BO projects are environmentally sensitive, e.g., soil/water conservation
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Promoting energy saving stoves
  • Promoting fruit/timber tree planting
  • Sanitation and hygiene education and enforcement
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