The West Nile Agriculture Improvement and Conservation Project (WENAGIC Project), is a 2-year pilot project funded that seeks to reduce extreme poverty among smallholder farmers in West Nile, Uganda through the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) as a platform for improved agricultural productivity, income diversification and environmental conservation. The project goal is, “To support a sustainable and equitable food and income security of 450 smallholder farmer households (with 3,150 people) in Yumbe district, Uganda.” The specific objectives include: (i) To increase smallholder farmers’ agricultural production and productivity by 85%; (ii) To improve the dietary intake of locally available foods in a gender sensitive manner; (iii) To support smallholder farmers to diversify their livelihood activities; and (iv) To build the capacity of smallholder farmer groups into viable village development groups able to meet their member’s needs.

Project Budget: US$ 92,000
Donor: Sall Family Foundation
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