YEEP targets addressing the high youth un(der) employment in West Nile region primarily due to: (i) Lack of relevant and marketable skills; (ii) Limited access to business finance; (iii) Poor linkages with the Private Sector; and (iv) Limited youth voice in policy-making processes. Implemented in partnership with CEGED in the districts of Nebbi, Zombo, and Arua, the project goal is, “to contribute to youth inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in West Nile region of Uganda through sustainable and gainful employment opportunities.” Using the slogan, “My Wealth, My Effort,” YEEP seeks to enable 2,500 youth (15-30 years) organized in Village Savings and Loans Associations access sustainable and gainful youth employment through: (i) Improved employability skills development; (ii) Support to access or start formal and self-employment opportunities in agribusiness, microenterprises, micro-franchise, and formal jobs; and (iii) Strengthened youth voice and political capabilities to effectively dialogue with local government, private sector, and civil society actors.
Donor: European Union
Project budget: €555,555

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