CEEP seeks to address the high economic insecurity among smallholder farmers through Community Agro-enterprise Development approach (farming as a business). Its goal is to contribute to reducing hunger and poverty. CEEP agribusiness model hinge on three interwebbed pillars: (i) Increasing smallholder farmers' productivity; (ii) Building sustainable farmer groups; and (iii) Market access that guarantees profitability and competitiveness. By 2016, CEEP aims at reducing asset poverty rate by 20%; increasing food security status by 6%; and building financially sustainable farmer groups with an average savings of ≥UGX 35 million. For every €1 invested, accrued net return is worth €7. Besides, CEEP will generate UGX 137 million in taxes to local governments.
Donor: Gorta-Self Help Africa
Project budget: € 453,698

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