about01 polygamy big families
about02 lack of basic services
about04 means livelihoods not rewarding
about05 child labour considered normal

The Agency for Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD) is a local, not-for-profit, non-denominational, non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in July 2000 by professional sons and daughters of West Nile. AFARD’s formation was motivated by numerous reasons. First, Political turbulence left West Nile as the extremely poorest region in Uganda next to Karamoja. Second, many development interventions have been external to local context leaving behind a people hardly changed. Third, decentralization has dismally improved people’s livelihoods given resource constraints and limited adherence to co-governance.  Finally, that many sons and daughters of the region prefer to work elsewhere (human resource flight) limited innovations and enthusiasms to work for self-development.

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